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NEXT Insurance Expands Small Business Insurance Offerings Nationwide

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Expanding Small Business Insurance Horizons - In its relentless pursuit of providing tailored coverage to entrepreneurs, NEXT Insurance, a pioneering digital small business insurer, is proud to announce significant expansions to its liability offerings. These strategic moves will offer small business owners enhanced protection and flexibility in managing their insurance needs.

Commercial Umbrella/Excess Liability Coverage in 41 States

Small businesses often find themselves in situations where their standard general liability coverage falls short. To bridge this gap, NEXT Insurance now introduces Commercial Umbrella/Excess Liability coverage in a whopping 41 states. This addition is a game-changer, offering the same coverage, conditions, and exclusions as the underlying general liability policy. It comes into play when the per-occurrence or aggregate limits of the general liability

policy are exhausted.

This expansion reflects NEXT's unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs head-on. It empowers entrepreneurs with the peace of mind that they won't face financial devastation due to a lawsuit. What's more, customers can easily add this optional coverage to their general liability policy after purchase. No more need for complicated calls or paperwork; simply head to the Customer Portal and modify your coverage to align with your evolving business requirements.

Liquor Liability Coverage Extended to 7 Additional States

For small businesses involved in the manufacturing, sale, or service of alcoholic beverages, liquor liability coverage is indispensable. NEXT Insurance recognizes this vital need and is thrilled to extend its Liquor Liability Coverage to seven more states: Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota,

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and Iowa. This coverage, an integral part of NEXT's general liability offering, safeguards businesses such as cafés, diners, pop-up restaurants, and fine dining establishments from losses arising from customer intoxication.

A Commitment to Entrepreneurial Success

Jack Ramsey, NEXT Insurance's Vice President of Agent Business, expressed his enthusiasm for these latest developments: "We're launching umbrella/excess liability coverage to help entrepreneurs thrive. As businesses expand, their requirements for liability insurance naturally evolve. As a provider, our commitment is to consistently meet these changing needs and ensure uninterrupted support for our customers' growth. We have full confidence that our newly introduced umbrella/excess liability option, in high demand from both customers and agents fulfilling contractual obligations, will effectively meet this demand. We are thrilled to provide

expansion ourselves, with the goal of becoming the ultimate destination for our small business clients, offering comprehensive solutions under one roof."

Striving for Excellence

These expansions come hot on the heels of NEXT's integration with Ivans Download™ for General Liability and Workers' Compensation policies, showcasing their unwavering commitment to agents and customers alike. NEXT Insurance is dedicated to quickly responding to feedback, iterating their offerings, and delivering a digital experience that sets the stage for entrepreneurial success.

In conclusion, NEXT Insurance's recent expansions exemplify its dedication to empowering small businesses with comprehensive and customizable insurance solutions. With the launch of Commercial Umbrella/Excess Liability coverage and the extension of Liquor Liability coverage, entrepreneurs have more reasons than ever to trust NEXT as their go-to insurer.


P. Saharan is a Writer at The Speed Express and has been covering the latest news. He covers a wide variety of news from early and late stage.

P. Saharan